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It’s your wedding. Your dream. Our passion is to help make it yours in a way that you, your family and guests will remember for a lifetime.

That’s a lot to ask of one day.

But we have been working all our lives to make that day happen, perfecting the art of incomparable, conjuring the magical and exceeding your wildest dreams.
Brand Promotion:

A Brand is complex. But in expert hands, its story is simply engaging.

We can strengthen your brand, expand it or help relaunch it on to an exciting new trajectory.

We at Curator India conduct market place research to access what other organizations are doing competitively, help you recalibrate fundraising goals, find your ideal mix of event type and frequency.

We welcome the opportunity to bring that to life for you, as well as your event in a way you never imagined.
Corporate Events:

Behind the theater and magic of your corporate event, we are all business.

No matter what your corporate occasion is, we know that every single detail reflects your brand.

And that it must be perfect.

We at Curator India take your event to a level beyond corporate, to engage on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel.
Outdoor Promotion:

Outdoor Promotion is essentially any type of advertising to increase your exposure in your market and also publicizes your business’s products and services.

We at Curator India conduct places & organise the special promotions for any types of Brands, which our team members of Curator India execute who are specialized in their respective field.

We give the opportunity by creating those moments from which you can deliver a relevant message to the mass / targeted audience with ease and efficiency.
Concert :

Our work starts from finding a venue which is suitable for the concerts to imagine a creative theme.

Then a date is set for your concert, being sure you allow yourself enough time to generate an interest .

As a bespoken event agency we are a master of illusion who can transform any venue into glamourous reflection as per your style.
Hospitality Management Service :

We manage, run and operate hotels of any size.

We come in expertees of 18 years of Hospitality Management.